Parkstone Golf Club


Hole fifteen

Although not stroke index 1, this hole is possibly worthy of it! If you have a shot on this hole use it wisely and play it as a three shotter. Play your tee shot level with the left-hand pines about 220 yards from the tee. Hit your second shot about 150 yards and leave yourself a simple pitch for a five net four. If you think you're better than that then your tee shot should favour a left to right shape to counteract the camber of the fairway. Move this tee shot right to left at your peril. From inside the 150-yard post it's a straightforward shot to a big green but remember the ball is likely above your feet. Take this hole on and you may regret not playing it as a Par 5.

- Par 4 422 Yards SI 2
- Par 4 412 Yards SI 2
- Par 4 406 Yards SI 2

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