Parkstone Golf Club


The Members’ Club 1961 – Present

The Modern Era

Parkstone has always drawn its membership almost entirely from the local community, which until well after the Second World War, was known for its staid and conservative character with a large retired population. By and large the membership consisted of retired officers of the armed forces and colonial service together with local professional and business people, with the culture and ambience of the Club reflecting this.

Things started to change during the 60s as ownership responsibilities also brought with it a change of attitude of the members with a keener interest being shown in the Club, in the condition of the Course and the quality of the Clubhouse.

To address the problems inherent in a traditional committee structure with over 50 committee positions a major change was first formally suggested in 1992. After due consultation with the members this change was made in 1996. The new structure consisted of a Management Committee of just five elected members, a Treasurer and General Manager. A Captain’s Committee was formed to organise golf and social functions. The many successful changes made over the last 20 years have been greatly facilitated by this structure.

Just as importantly, the ladies were made full members with an equal say in the management and running of the Club. To balance this they were also given the pleasure of paying a full subscription.

This process of integration was followed through to its sensible conclusion with the Men’s and Ladies’ Captains becoming joint Captains of the Club.

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