Parkstone Golf Club


Dress Code

Our Dress Code Ethos

The Management Committee and Captain’s Committee believe that we are very lucky to have such a warm and friendly club with marvellous facilities that are enjoyed by many.

We are living in a rapidly changing world and they firmly believe that if we are to continue to have a thriving and active membership, we will be best served by simply asking everyone to follow the guidelines stated within this code.

We do understand that dress code can be an emotive subject, and everyone is of course entitled to their own personal opinion about how they like to dress and how they would like others to do so.

If at any time you feel that someone is dressed in a totally inappropriate manner, please do not get embroiled in arguments but instead please bring it to the attention of the General Manager or the most senior manager of the Club who is on duty at the time.

It is expected that all members and visitors dress in an appropriate and smart manner when on the Course or in the Clubhouse. It has however been decided that it is unrealistic and inappropriate to define what is, and what is not, acceptable under specific guidance.

On The Course

We would ask all golfers to wear a high standard of smart ‘golf clothes’ i.e. ‘golf clothes’ are items which are accepted by most recognised clubs and that are generally available for purchase in Professionals’ shops. Men may wear shorts when worn with either long socks or short white sport socks. 

In The Clubhouse Lounge, Dining Room & Snooker Room

We ask that all golfers should change from their golfing shoes. This helps to keep these areas clean and fresh for all to use. It is understood that the modern footwear is diverse, so it is therefore left to the good taste of the member/guest/visitor. Flip Flops are not acceptable anywhere at the Club.

“Formal Attire” and “Smart Casual Clothing” are equally acceptable at most times. We assume that members of Parkstone are aware of what is generally regarded as “Smart Casual Clothing” and you are asked to both follow and respect the majority of members by complying with this.

Although not wishing to go into absolute detail; soiled or wet golf clothing, tracksuits and beach clothing is not considered to be smart casual.

Formal Occasions

Formal attire, which for Gentlemen means a Jacket, Collar and Tie, may be required on a number of specific occasions which will be clearly designated as such at the time of announcing the event.

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