Parkstone Golf Club


Bill Shankland Memorial Trophy 2022

Thursday 5th May 2022 - Friday 6th May 2022
White Tees, Parkstone Golf Club

(95% handicap allowance)

Congratulations to the 2022 Bill Shankland Memorial Trophy Winner Mark Stones from Boyce Hill, Essex

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Gross LeaderboardR1R2TotalPar
1st Mark Stones Boyce Hill 7072142-2
2nd Todd Sothcott Ferndown Golf Club 7569144LEVEL
2nd Phil Sutton Dunstable Downs 7173144LEVEL
2nd Douglas Cameron Worthing 6777144LEVEL
5th Gareth Bradley Bramhall 7075145+1
5th Stephen Creed Stratford-on-Avon Golf Club 7075145+1
7th Stephen East Ganton 7769146+2
7th Richard Elmes Stoneham 7373146+2
7th Stephen Jensen The Wisley 7373146+2
7th Vince Joyce 7175146+2
7th Mark Gershinson Hartsbourne Country Club 7076146+2
12th Neil Self Stand 7671147+3
12th Tom Hawkings Sunningdale 7473147+3
12th Martin galway Pyecombe 7473147+3
12th Steve Cain Garforth 7374147+3
16th John Ambridge Moor Park 7474148+4
17th Chris Aukett Boyce Hill 7673149+5
17th Richard Allen Rye 7673149+5
17th Danny Holmes London 7475149+5
20th Martin Cooper Banstead Downs 7773150+6
20th Ian Attoe Worplesdon 7575150+6
20th Ian Moore Romford 7476150+6
20th Martin Milne Stoneham 7278150+6
20th MATT JARVIS Rochester & Cobham Park 7179150+6
25th Tim Whittaker Beaconsfield Golf Club 7873151+7
25th Oscar O'Herlihy Basingstoke 7576151+7
25th Andrew Woodhead Hessle 7477151+7
25th Steven Sidney Ferndown Golf Club 7279151+7
29th Russell Thwaites Littlestone 7775152+8
29th phillip Evans Royal Jersey 7676152+8
29th David Niven East Berkshire 7676152+8
29th Malcolm Cawte Selsey 7577152+8
33rd Mark Graham Snape Tidworth Garrison 8073153+9
33rd Philip Bramall Chart Hills 7677153+9
33rd Stuart Brown Castle Eden 7578153+9
36th Peter Bicknell Torquay 7777154+10
36th Les Bruckner Hindhead Golf Club 7777154+10
36th Alan Mew Stoneham 7678154+10
36th Kevin Parkes Lindrick 7480154+10
36th Mark Whiten Orsett 7282154+10
41st Martyn Grimley Ringway 7976155+11
42nd Ian Clarke Lindrick 8274156+12
42nd Andrew Atkinson Windermere 7977156+12
44th Peter Harrison The Wisley 8473157+13
44th George Best Wilson Calcot Park 8473157+13
44th Mike Ready The Melbourne Club Golf Club 7978157+13
44th Andrew Carman Coventry 7978157+13
44th Jeff Bearman Orsett 7879157+13
44th Ashley Brewer Denham 7483157+13
50th David Cromie East Berkshire 8375158+14
50th Danny Curtis Knole Park 8078158+14
50th William Bromilow Chorley 7979158+14
50th Rhys Francis 7979158+14
50th Neil Waite Vicars Cross 7682158+14
55th Paul Nancarrow Old Fold Manor 8574159+15
55th Tim Gilbert Hayling 8178159+15
55th David Wakefield Nelson Northenden 8178159+15
55th David Tanner Wigan 7980159+15
59th Paul Wilkinson Chelmsford 8080160+16
59th Colin William Middleton Jones West Sussex 7882160+16
59th Colin Lazell 7288160+16
62nd Mr Ken Whitton Ashridge 8279161+17
62nd Mike White West Wilts 8180161+17
62nd BOB FLORENCE Rochester & Cobham Park 8081161+17
65th John Kennedy Frilford Heath 8083163+19
66th Steve Green Rose Hill 8381164+20
66th Bob Peacock South Herts 8282164+20
66th Trevor Gray Royal Jersey 8282164+20
66th Gordon Ross Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club 8183164+20
70th ANDREW JOHN KING Garforth 8283165+21
70th Richard Kinnon Woking 8184165+21
72nd Ian Brooker Littlestone 7987166+22
73rd Mark Taylor Tavistock 8582167+23
73rd Philip Judge Rochester & Cobham Park 8483167+23
75th Ian MacDonald Chobham 9083173+29
76th Iain Simpson Brookmans Park 81NRNR 
77th Andrew Francis Bearsted 77WDWD 
78th Gary Prince Brokenhurst Manor Golf Club 80WDWD 
78th Andy Smith St George's Hill 80WDWD 
80th John Smith 82WDWD 
81st Dave Edmunds Lee-on-the-Solent WDWDWD 

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