Parkstone Golf Club


Junior Open 2023

Thursday 13th April 2023, 63 & 56 Tees, Parkstone Golf Club

(95% handicap allowance)

From left to right:
Suzannah Cribb (Girls Scratch 2nd & Nett 3rd), Freddie Bunford (Boys Scratch 2nd), Ethan Lawrence (Boys Scratch Winner & Nett 2nd), Jack Isaacs (Robshaw Trophy Winner), Funky Diamond (Bisgood Cup Winner), Sienna Birch (Girls Scratch 1st & Nett 2nd), Nicholas Stratton (Boys Scratch 3rd & Nett 3rd)

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Jack Isaacs(20)  Ferndown Golf Club61
2nd Ethan Lawrence(10) 64
3rd Nicholas Stratton(8) 67
4th Louis Wilkinson(29) 68
5th Freddie Bunford(6) 68
6th Ryan Murphy(14)  Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club69
7th Brynmor Truman(20)  Sturminster Marshall Golf Club69
8th Harry Hancock(18)  Ferndown Golf Club70
9th Funky Diamond(18) 71
10th Sienna Birch(7)  Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club71
11th Suzannah Cribb(9)  Ferndown Golf Club71
12th Oscar Davis(5)  Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club71
13th Billy Richardson(14)  Weymouth72
14th Max Grafham(16) 72
15th Fay Macklin(27)  Sturminster Marshall Golf Club73
16th Robbie Bazalgette(10)  Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club73
17th George Taylor(27) 73
18th Matti Withnall(12)  Ferndown Golf Club73
19th Isaac Martin(10)  Weymouth74
20th Harrison Graham(10)  Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club74
21st Gus Moxon(3) 75
22nd Phoenix Wilson(22)  Parley Court75
23rd Lloyd Richardson(16)  Crane Valley Golf Club75
24th Alexander Harrison(17) 75
25th Hayden Shaw(19)  Sturminster Marshall Golf Club76
26th Zachary Couling(29)  Ferndown Golf Club76
27th Harry Faull(16)  St Mellion76
28th Olivia Harris(15)  Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club76
29th *update(9)  Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club77
30th K D (16) 77
31st Ben Phillips(6)  Ferndown Golf Club77
32nd Luke Hare(24)  Sturminster Marshall Golf Club77
33rd Alfie Wheeler(10)  Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club78
34th Toby Boyde(2) 78
35th Alex Green(16)  Came Down78
36th Zach Jelley(20)  Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club78
37th Callum Hall(29)  Dorset Golf & Country78
38th Lily-Paige Littlewood(28)  Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club79
39th Connor Burdett(18)  Ferndown Forest79
40th Jack Hancock(10)  Ferndown Golf Club79
41st Jack Hollingsworth(26) 79
42nd Reece Higgins(10)  Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club79
43rd Evan Goudling(8)  Ferndown Golf Club79
44th Cameron Knijff(21) 81
45th William Rowland-Jones(28) 81
46th Max Dunn(10)  Weymouth82
47th George Gant(23)  Weymouth82
48th Red Pearce(6)  Dorset Golf & Country82
49th Amelia Slavin(28)  Sturminster Marshall Golf Club83
50th Molly Cartwright-Tickle(25) 83
51st Guy Green(13) 83
52nd Harry Daley(19)  Weymouth83
53rd Lex Vrettos(25) 84
54th Reno Diamond(26) 85
55th Frank Hayden(27)  Bridport & West Dorset Golf Club86
56th Finn Boyle(10) 90
57th Max Baker(19)  Ashley Wood Golf Club91
58th Oscar Bunford(22) 92
59th Samuel Stratman(22)  Sturminster Marshall Golf Club96
60th Gil James Lawrence Freeman Stalker(15)  Sturminster Marshall Golf Club115
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