Parkstone Golf Club


Junior Open 2022

Thursday 14th April 2022, 63 & 56 Tees, Parkstone Golf Club

(95% handicap allowance)

From left to right:
Oscar Thomas (1st Boys scratch & Berkeleys Bowl), Ellen Mans (1st Girls scratch & 3rd Girls handicap), Charlotte Brook (2nd Girls scratch & Berkeleys Bowl), Molly Cartwright-Tickle (2nd Girls handicap), Jack Isaacs (3rd Boys handicap), Funky Diamond (1st Girls handicap - Jeanne Bisgood Trophy), Tim Hill (Parkstone Men's Captain), Jeanne Bisgood, Max Dunn (1st Boys handicap - Robshaw Trophy) 

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Max Dunn(21)  Weymouth59
2nd Funky Diamond(22) 62
3rd Vinny Whalley(16)  Dorset Golf & Country65
4th Jack Isaacs(28)  Ferndown Golf Club65
5th Tomas Alonso-Grana(28) 66
6th Molly Cartwright-Tickle(32) 66
7th Red Pearce(10)  Dorset Golf & Country67
8th James Stephenson(8)  Crane Valley Golf Club68
9th Ellen Mans(1)  Dudsbury Golf Club69
10th Harrison Graham(21)  Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club69
11th Dominic Harrington(6) 69
12th Jack Hancock(13)  Ferndown Golf Club70
13th Oscar Thomas(3) 71
14th Scarlett Phillips(14)  Ferndown Golf Club71
15th Chloe Northover(6)  Yeovil71
16th Sam Phillips(28) 71
17th Zack Riggs(6)  Brokenhurst Manor Golf Club71
18th Oliver Rogers(4)  Ferndown Golf Club72
19th Freddie Bunford(8) 72
20th *update(14) 72
21st Alfie Wheeler(18)  Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club73
22nd Toby Boyde(4) 73
23rd Ollie Tolman(14)  Yeovil73
24th Luke Hare(25)  Sturminster Marshall Golf Club73
25th Alexa Beck(36) 74
26th Reno Diamond(28) 74
27th Charlotte Brook(1) 74
28th Ben White (Jnr)(8) 74
29th Kieran Eite(12)  Dorset Golf & Country74
30th George Gant(28)  Weymouth75
31st Guy Green(19) 75
32nd Billy Richardson(12)  Weymouth75
33rd Lewis Marley(6)  Royal Guernsey75
34th Ashley Smith(10)  Ferndown Golf Club76
35th Nicholas Stratton(5) 76
36th Jenny Myers(9)  Alresford77
37th Archie Tolman(7)  Yeovil77
38th Cameron Knijff(26) 77
39th Alexander Harrison(28) 78
40th Ryan Murphy(22)  Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club79
41st Evie Brown(27)  Sturminster Marshall Golf Club79
42nd Imogen Stratman(18)  Ferndown Forest80
43rd Harry Hancock(21)  Ferndown Golf Club81
44th Suzannah Cribb(10)  Ferndown Golf Club81
45th Zach Jelley(22)  Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club81
46th Max Baker(28)  Ashley Wood Golf Club82
47th Samuel Brown(4)  Weymouth82
48th Michael Fisher(0)  Brokenhurst Manor Golf Club82
49th Evan Goudling(12)  Ferndown Golf Club82
50th Oscar Bunford(28) 82
51st Connor Burdett(28)  Ferndown Forest83
52nd Luiz Phillips(21)  Ferndown Forest83
53rd Alex Green(19)  Came Down84
54th Olivia Harris(32)  Broadstone (Dorset) Golf Club86
55th Hayden Shaw(16)  Sturminster Marshall Golf Club91
56th Hugh Sanford(26)  Ferndown Forest92
57th Katie Hampton-Rumbold(25)  Lyme Regis Golf Club102
58th Daniel Pratt(27) NR
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