Parkstone Golf Club

Club Ethos

The Club regards its ethos as key to its success and future.

By accepting an invitation to join the Club, and as a consequence of continuing their membership, all members agree to embrace the Club ethos which is based on:

“Honesty, Integrity and Courtesy” represent the “Spirit of Golf” and are essential to the game of golf and to Parkstone Golf Club.

There should at all times be a warm, friendly and polite atmosphere. This means that all members and staff should always conduct themselves in this manner towards other members and staff and all visitors to the Club.

While it is human nature that members will of course have a particular group of friends this should not be to the exclusion of others e.g. should any member arrive at the tee on their own, looking for a game, they should be warmly welcomed and if it is at all practical they should be invited to play.

Existing members should make every effort to make it as easy as possible for new members to be fully integrated into the Club.

While members will have a shared passion for the game of golf they will have different levels of ability and views. Tolerance should be shown at all times towards other members and visitors. 

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