Parkstone Golf Club


Parkstone is a private members’ club where emphasis is placed on the enjoyment of both the playing and social aspects of the game of golf.

The Club reviews the membership on a regular basis and currently have limited spaces available for Junior, Intermediate (18-35 years of age) and Female players of all ages. There is a waiting list for Full Male players over 35, however, we would still encourage prospective members in that category to apply.

Prospective members should be nominated by two existing Parkstone members or be recommended by their current or previous golf club(s).

To start your application process, please click here.

Full details of membership availability can also be obtained from the General Manager on 01202 707138 or email:

New Members - Annual Subscriptions and Entry Fees

Ladies and Gentlemen
AgeAnnual SubscriptionEntry Fee
Full playing members
35 & over£1,580A: £2,850 in 3 installments

B: £2,700 in 2 installments

C: £2,500 on joining
Intermediate members:

Band 1
29 to 34£1,059£1,000 in 5 installments
Band 2
24 to 28£764£500 in 5 installments
Band 3
19 to 23£506£250 in 5 installments
Country members:

Over 35£800
18 and under


1 The annual subscription is comprised of £1500.00 plus a clubhouse redevelopment levy of £80.
The redevelopment levy is set each year in context of bank interest rates.

The subscriptions in other categories below also include a pro rata portion of the redevelopment levy.

2 The total of entry fees shown under options A , B or C will be invoiced on joining with the due payment dates being:
Option A: £950 on Joining + £950 payable 12 months after joining + £950 payable 24 months after joining.
Option B: £1,350 on Joining + £1,350 payable 12 months after joining
Option C: £2,500 all payable on joining.

4 Relates to UK residents who live a minimum of 75 miles from Poole and wish to become members They are restricted to 30 visits per annum.

Effective from 1/1/2016

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